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Classification is the development of independent technical standards for ships and the verification of compliance with these standards throughout the ship’s life. For a ship owner finding the right classification society is the difference between plain sailing and choppy waters.

Classification by the International Register of Shipping (INTLREG) has achieved global acceptance by ship owners, flag states, P&I clubs, underwriters and regulatory bodies. This is because of our understanding of real-life maritime situations and our uncompromising approach to maritime safety and environmental protection.

The classification rules are designed to ensure safety against hazards to the ship, personnel, passengers and cargo, and against issues related to the environment as a consequence of sea transport. The rules are defined after a rigorous process of technical approval alongside consultation with flag states, port states, ship owners/operators, underwriters, P&I Clubs and ancillary industries.

INTLREG uses risk assessment methodologies such as FSA, FMEA and HAZOP in conjunction with feedback from the maritime world. This ensures INTLREG classification processes are contemporary and based on a knowledgeable assessment of their values.

With INTLREG as your partner, we can provide ongoing monitoring during the design and build processes. Mistakes are costly and our attention to detail can help prevent losses. As your trusted technical expert, INTLREG will represent your business at every stage of the design and build process. We act as your eyes and ears, monitoring and resolving issues related to design processes as well as the financial implications of disputes with shipyards and marine architects.

The classification process for the vessels comprises:

  1. Surveys at the time of construction, entry into class, and modifications to ensure that the vessel meets the criteria stipulated by the rules
  2. Appraisal of the design during and after construction
  3. Issuance of a ‘Certificate of Classification’ and entering of the vessel’s particulars into the society’s Register of Ships
  4. Periodical surveys as stipulated by the rules to ensure continued maintenance of conditions of classifications
  5. Additional surveys as deemed necessary in view of damages, reported poor condition of the vessel by port state control authorities, etc.

Our processes and expertise can save ship owners time and resources.

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